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Astaxanthin webinar @ NutriThink 2021: Astaxanthin, a Must know science [Health benefits]

Webinar @ Nutrithink 2021. Atacama Bio Natural Products presents their NatAxtin products and Astaxanthin benefits in humans along with Fermenta Biotech Limited, NatAxtin distributor in India.

Astaxanthin webinar @ Vitafoods Asia Connect: Beauty From Within / Cosmetic Use

Our Vice President of Marketing exhibiting at Vitafoods Asia Connect 2022. In this video you can learn more about Haematoccocus pluvialis microalgae; the world's most potent antioxidant (Astaxanthin); how Astaxanthin can be of a huge impact on the nutricosmetics and cosmetics industries; and everything about our process of Astaxanthin production.

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