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NatAxtin® product range

NatAxtin® is natural Astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae. The pristine environment of the Atacama Desert along with the harsh sun irradiation provides ideal conditions for H.pluvialis to create the remarkably strong NatAxtin® Astaxanthin.


NatAxtin® contains the antioxidant power accumulated by the microalgae cells when they protect themselves from extreme solar radiation. Astaxanthin's strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects are known for its wide range of health-promoting and clinical benefits when used as a nutritional food supplement

Atacama Bio Natural Products offers NatAxtin® in a variety of formats to fit your project.

Also, check out the gallery of finished products with NatAxtin® clicking HERE.

NatAxtin CWD Human - Natural Astaxanthin from Chile

NatAxtin® Powder CWD

Cold water dispersible powder


2.5% Astaxanthin content

For powdered drink mixes

Liquid CWD.PNG

NatAxtin® Liquid CWD

Cold water dispersible liquid emulsion


1% Astaxanthin content

For drink mixes

NatAxtin Inside softgel human - Natural Astaxanthin from Chile

NatAxtin® inside softgels

(through our partners)

Vegan alternative available

4mg / 8mg Astaxanthin content

With PalmFree MCT Oil

4mg Astaxanthin Vegan Soft Gels available NOW

NatAxtin Oil Human - Natural Astaxanthin from Chile

NatAxtin® Oil

Astaxanthin-rich oleoresin by

supercritical CO2 extraction

5% to 10% Astaxanthin content

For softgel capsules and formulations

NatAxtin ME Human - Natural Astaxanthin from Chile

NatAxtin® ME

Microencapsulated oleoresin

2.5% Astaxanthin content

For hard tablets and shake mixes

NatAxtin Biomass - Natural Astaxanthin from Chile

NatAxtin® PureMass

Haematococcus pluvialis dried and

cracked biomass

3% to 4% TCAC concentration

For oleoresin extraction

NatAxtin Powder Human - Natural Astaxanthin from Chile

NatAxtin® PureMass ME

Microencapsulated H.pluvialis biomass


1.5% Astaxanthin with all the proteins, amino-acids, and vitamins from the microalgae

For hard tablets

Finished Products
Vitamin Angels.PNG
Mattisson Vegan softgels 4mg
Mattisson MCT Oil Ketosene
Fitness Guru Asta MCT Ketosene
Health Spark - Keto Red Oil Ketosene
Bain Effect - Rocket C8 Alpha Ketosene
Swiss Point of Care - Go Keto Ketosene MCT
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